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SUFE  adheres to the goal of education internationalization, facilitating the  reform and development by opening to the outside world. Through various  exchange and cooperative programs at multiple levelsandin different  fields, SUFE continuously strengthens the cooperation with other  universities in different countries and regions all over the world, and  makes great efforts to cultivate the internationalized talents who  havethe international horizon, good knowledge of international rules and  competence of participating international affairs and competitions. So  far, SUFE has signed 121 official agreements with 75 universities in 25  countries or regions. Those cooperative programs cover a wide range of  fields, and created various channels and forms ofcollaboration.The main  cooperative programs are illustrated in the following diagram:

SUFE  takes advantage of its own unique features to explore different ways of  cultivating international talents. SUFE students could participate in  various programs, like study abroad program with governmental  scholarship, student exchange program, visiting study program,  international competition, academic conference, study tour program, to  rich their life experience, improve competence of study and research,  and broaden their international visions. The number of students who  participated in the international activities keeps increasing and  reached more than 400 per year now. Their target countries include the U.S.A.,UKCanadaJapan, French, Switzerland, the NetherlandsFinland, and Australiaand so on.

A large  number of representatives from overseas universities, international  organizations and international enterprises paid visits or delivered  speeches at SUFE, such as Robert William Fogel, winner of the 1993 Nobel  Memorial Prize in Economics Sciences, James Alexander Mirrlees, winner  of the 1996 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics Sciences and other notable  academics, as well as senior executives from the United Nations  Conference on Trade and Development, the World Bank, the Federal Reserve  System, Barclays Bank and so on.


SUFE  keeps good relationship with the international organizations including  the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, the United Nations  Development Programme, the United Nations Conference on Trade and  Development, The United Nations Human Settlements Programme. Meanwhile,  SUFE collaborates with 16 international certification organizations,  such as ACCA, CGA, CPCU, CII, IOA, on international professional  training.

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