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Recruiting English Language Instructors

Established in 1917, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) is a top-ranked and renowned institution of higher learning in China, attracting excellent students to pursue their academic study on its campus. The university is located in the city of Shanghai, a vibrant and dynamic metropolis with diverse cultures, convenient transportation, delightful climate and unique international working and living environment.
Dedicated to providing quality foreign language teaching, the School of Foreign Studies is responsible for recruiting English language instructors and the implementation of language teaching and administration.

International English Instructors:
I . Requirements
1) Language: Native English speakers
2) Major: Liberal Arts and Business preferred
3) Degree: Bachelor degree or above
4) Certificate: TESL/TEFL/CELTA, etc.
5) Experience: 2 years or above teaching experience at the advanced level
6) Others: In good health, aged 22-55, TESL/ TEFL certification preferred, relevant working experience preferred.

Ⅱ. Job Description
1) Courses: Spoken English, Western Culture, Communicative English, English Writing, English Speech and Debate, Introduction to Linguistics, etc.
[Usually 2-3 different courses every semester]
2) Teaching Hours: 16 teaching hours/week (45 minutes/teaching hour)
3) Office Hours: 2 hours/week

Ⅲ. Salary
Basic Monthly Salary: BA: RMB 6,500 (post-tax);
                  MA& Ph.D.: RMB 7,500 or above (post-tax)
Other benefits:
1) Monthly accommodation subsidy (if not living in the apartment provided by the university): RMB 2500-3000;
2) Annual airfare subsidy: RMB9,000 for USA (varies from different countries);
3) Annual in-city public transportation subsidy: RMB1,000(RMB500/semester);
4) Medical Insurance;
5) Paid winter vacation and summer vacation if contract is renewed for another academic year;
6) Paid Public Holidays as stipulated by Chinese laws and regulations.
7) Course Leader subsidy (if selected or voluntary): RMB 2000/semester.

Ⅳ. Contact Us
Simona Li (School of Foreign Languages)                              
Tel:+86 021 65903523                       

1) 语言:来自英语为母语的国家,如:美国、英国、加拿大、澳大利亚及新西兰等。
2) 专业:优先考虑商科及人文社会学科(或其他对语言表达能力要求较高的学科)。
3) 学历:优先考虑硕士及以上学历。
4) 资格证书:TESL证书等。
5) 工作经验:2年以上高校语言教学经验,需在本国语言、文学、文化等方面有较高造诣。
1) 课程:英语口语、英语写作、西方文化、英语演讲与辩论、交际英语、语言学概论等。
2) 课时:每周16课时(每课时45分钟)
1) 每月2500-3000元的住房补贴(若住在非学校提供的住所);
2) 每年约9000元的机票补贴(针对不同国家的机票价格略有不同);
3) 每年1000元市内交通补贴;      
4) 医疗保险;
5) 带薪寒假, 如续签下一学年合同,支付暑假工资和住房补贴;
6) 带薪法定假期及2天本国重大节日假期;
7) 每学期2000元的课程组长津贴,如被选为或自愿担当课程组长。

李老师  (外国语学院)                          
电话:+86 021 65903523                  

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