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About SUFE

Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) was founded in 1917, and has grown to become a leading research university that maintains a particular commitment to academic excellence and innovation. Recognized as one of the leaders of higher education in China, SUFE consistently scores highly for finance and economics in a range of national university rankings. The Ministry of Education has designated SUFE for four areas of research strength through which the university holds national influence and receives comprehensive government support.

As a specialized university with a talented student body and accomplished faculty, SUFE has a nationwide reputation for quality of teaching and learning that spans the full breadth of finance, applied economics, and management science. SUFE’s vibrant community consists of 8,000 undergraduates, 6,300 postgraduates, and more than 1,000 international students from 17 schools and academic departments. The inter-connected community of scholars at SUFE allows students at all levels of scholarship to take their education to a higher level of academic achievement.

SUFE’s vision as a global university drives the university-wide strategy for international engagement. With an extensive range of international partners in Asia, Oceania, Europe and North America, SUFE aims to fulfill educational goals through research collaborations, as well as exchanges of faculty and students. While SUFE has sent nearly 300 of its students as study-abroad participants this year, the university is also home to multiple cohorts of international students from abroad. The emphasis on international collaboration facilitates the spirit of openness that is a feature of SUFE.

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