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About IECO

Internationalization at SUFE involves engaging the forefront of research worldwide in order to enrich the academic excellence of SUFE and prepare students for success in the global workplace. To achieve this vision the International Exchange and Cooperation Office (IECO) articulates and implements SUFE’s strategy for international engagement, leading efforts to raise the university’s international visibility in areas relevant to finance and economics.

An international university requires a global curriculum, faculty, and students at home; and research collaborations, academic and student exchanges abroad. As the gateway to internationalization at SUFE, IECO facilitates this work in diverse ways. These include expanding the partnership network worldwide, inviting international scholars and students to join SUFE to experience and understand China, and promoting an international culture among students and staff.

IECO advocates for international education as a campus-wide priority and serves as a key resource to the SUFE community in the following areas:

Raising the international profile of SUFE;

Developing academic opportunities for faculty and students to engage in education and research abroad;

Working with departments on employment-based immigration matters and processing pertaining to hiring international scholars ;

Offering guidance to international students with regard to integration and cross-cultural issues;

Attracting new resources in terms of international scholars, grants, and fellowships.

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